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What percentage do you need to pass C1?

Original CAE Certificate Online Without Exams In The USA And Canada-Ottawa

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A primary certificate for English proficiency is the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE). Purchase a real CAE certificate, learn how to pass the CAE exam, secure a CAE from Cambridge Training College Britain, and learn how to spot a fake CAE from Cambridge Training College Britain. Reading, writing, language structure, listening, and speaking are all tested skills. Those who wish to use English in professional work or study are provided with advanced and authoritative proof of qualifications by the exam. Additionally, CAE aids in the practical competence development of the skills necessary for the CPE certificate. The majority of UK universities agree that CAE satisfies the requirements for admission to English. What percentage do you need to pass C1?


If you receive a total score of A, B, or C, you will pass. If you receive a score of D, E, or U, you will fail, and no certificate will be issued. Those who receive failing grades will specify which papers must be completed, and the results will be graded higher. How to obtain an advanced certificate from Cambridge College. Further, how to purchase a Cambridge CELTA certificate, and an ESOL certificate. Certificates in the English language, and Australian study visas will implement new rules.

Cambridge English: Advanced is targeted at CEFR Level C1, which is equivalent to a Cambridge English Scale score of 180–199. The following scores are used to report results:

Grade Cambridge English Scale Score (160–210) CEFR Level

A 200–210 C2

B 193–199 C1 C 180–192  

CEFR Level B2 160–179 B2

Scores are also reported between 142 and 159. Also, candidates who achieve a score in this range will not receive a certificate. But their score will be shown on their Statement of Results. Successful candidates receive two documents: a Statement of Results and a certificate. Afterward, Universities, employers, and other organizations may require either of these documents as proof of English language skills.

An online Statement of Results is available to candidates who have sat the computer-based exam two weeks after the exam and to candidates of the paper-based exam approximately four weeks after the exam.

 Successful candidates (those scoring above 160 on the Cambridge English Scale) will receive a hard copy certificate within three months of the exam. Holders of a Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) certificate display similar language ability to candidates who have an IELTS score of 6.5 to 8.0. Moreover, What percentage do you need to pass C1?

 What is the use of a CAE certificate?

Most important, Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is used for study, work, and immigration purposes. It is designed to demonstrate that a candidate has achieved a high level of English ability which can be used in academic and professional contexts. Additionally, Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is accepted globally by over 4,000 institutions. What percentage do you need to pass C1?

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