C2 Proficiency, formerly called Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE)

The Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam is the highest level in Cambridge English Language Assessment’s suite of tests for advanced speakers. It is often used for university admissions and prepares learners for the most advanced academic, professional, and high-level business situations. C2 Proficiency exam online

A C2 Proficiency exam is aimed at those who want a very advanced level of learning and communication in English. The exam is usually used by candidates in higher education courses, academic research positions, and some professional positions such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, and teachers.

C2 Proficiency exam online


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C2 Proficiency Exam Grades

Test takers can earn a grade of (from lowest to highest) C1, C, B, or A. C is the lowest passing grade and those who score a C, B, or A will earn a C2 Proficiency certificate. This certificate and score do not expire.